Student for Student

The Students for Students line created through a collaboration between the Students' Association and the University Shop aims to raise extra funds for the University of St Andrews' Hardship Funds in an effort to increase the available resources for students experiencing financial hardship in the middle of this Cost-of-Living crisis. The design was made by one of our students and the profits from this line will go directly to our students who are most in need.

‘’The inspiration behind my piece was to explain how even though we are all part of the same community we walk off that pier to start our personal story within this tight-knit community. We become faces that the community recognize daily as we start our tabula rasa. Only we know how it feels to walk that pier and start a new life and I think that it is only fair that the feeling only belongs to us. We are an inclusive, cooperative and empathetic group of people in our own little town.’’ - Elena Rico Hernando