Our Sustainability Journey

We recognise that as we strive towards sustainability that we need to look at our product range and find ways to constantly improve. We have looked at our best-selling items (which will have the biggest impact) and have taken the decision to replace these items with new versions sourced with sustainable fibres. 

Our next steps forward to increase our overall sustainability is understanding how we operate, and what our stock is made of. Currently, approximately 50% of our products use “greener fibres,” soon to be increased by another 12%. This is a promising starting point, and we look forward to further growing our greener fibre products. 

Across the whole retail sector it’s a huge challenge to improve sustainability and overall ethics and we want to be part of this. We’re currently working with University Sustainability Board to take guidance and advice on ways to go about this. If you have any suggestions we would be happy to listen – please send your thoughts to our shop: unishop@st-andrews.ac.uk.