Teemill started small but with a big ambition: To redesign the clothing industry and end waste.
Using natural materials, renewable energy and designing every product to come back to be remade meant building new technology to make a circular economy model possible. This is the story of that journey.
TED talks are about ideas worth sharing, and when it comes to climate change and the sustainability crisis we need great ideas - fast. Today our economy works against the environment by creating pollution and waste with almost everything we make. While that is a big issue, these things can be redesigned. In this TEDx talk about the circular economy, sustainability and startups, we ask  "Can one person redesign the economy and make sustainability a reality?" From simple questions, through the journey with the team building the first open access, circular economy to disrupt the fashion industry, this TED talk is for people interested in sustainability and is designed to inspire entrepreneurs to apply and build real solutions to climate change today - plus give them the tools to do it. 'Dear Mr. Bin Man' is a roadmap for how we can save our planet, first eliminating waste then using technology to build and scale a new kind of future. We hope you enjoy it...